Lewd Lingerie

"What about the push-up bra?"

Episode 88

Germaine and Begley have a bit of fun taunting Anchovie in a lingerie store.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Anchovie, Begley, Franklin


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{Germaine stands in Victoria's Pervertions with a red bra in her hands, examining it. Anchovie, as a security guard, stands impassively by the glass double-doors. Begley appears.}

Begley: Let me ask you something. What are we doing here?

Germaine: {now looking at a yellow bra} I need a new bra. {looking at a green bra} One that doesn't pinch my boobs together or is made out of some fucking wire.

Begley: I don't see why you women torture yourselves with your own clothing. It's quite sadistic, it is.

Germaine: It is, but therein lies the tragedy. Speaking of torture, {points thumb at Anchovie} look at that security guard.

{The view cuts to Anchovie alone.}

Begley: {off screen} What about him?

{The view cuts back to Germaine and Begley, with Anchovie in the background.}

Germaine: Dude. It must be maddening to just stand there all day watching women try on lingerie.

Begley: What do you mean?

Germaine: Hormones, dude. Hormones. By the end of the day the security guard must be ready to burst.

Begley: I'm all for saying humans explode; the more the better.

Germaine: Hey, you want to screw around with him?

Begley: I don't care. I want a magazine.

Germaine: {walking off} I'll be right back.

Begley: Oh, very nice! Leaving in the middle of a conversation. I see. You wanker.

{The view fades out to black, then back in on Anchovie's face.}

Germaine: {off screen} Excuse me, {The view cuts to show Germaine leaning backwards in pink lingerie right next to Anchovie.} do these panties look good on me?

Anchovie: {Germaine leans in closer to him.} Um, yes. Quite.

{The view cuts to Germaine's head and chest.}

Germaine: {guestering towards her bra} What about the push-up bra? Does it make me look too... {shoves her chest outward} busty?

{The view cuts to show Germaine's breasts are pushed close to Anchovie's face.}

Anchovie: It's fine ma'am. Move along, please.

{The view cuts to Germaine.}

Germaine: What about this thong?

{The view cuts to Germaine and Anchovie.}

Anchovie: Heh... {eye twitches}

Germaine: How does it look? {pulls butt-cheeks} Does it go up my ass too much?

Anchovie: Um, it's not my place to say, ma'am. Please... please move along. You're making my willy hurt.

Germaine: But wait!

Anchovie: For the love of god, move along!

Germaine: {grabbing Anchovie} I think it's up my ass too much. {throws butt in Anchovie's face} Look... closer...

{Anchovie throws his hands up, groaning, and his head explodes. The view cuts to Germaine.}

Germaine: Whoa.

Begley: Well I'll be jiggered. You blew up his fucking head.

Germaine: Wow, that's a neat trick. I wonder if that works on everyone.

{The view fades out to black, then back in with Germaine and Franklin.}

Germaine: Excuse me, does this thong go too far up my ass?

Franklin: Please, bitch. {snaps fingers} I'm busy shopping.

Begley: I don't think it works on poofters.

Franklin: Does anyone have these in a mens'?

{The Ending screen appears.}

Franklin: Bitch.

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  • Victoria's Pervertions is a reference to Victoria's Secret, a retail marketer of women's clothing and beauty products, but most recognizable as a marketer of lingerie.

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