Germaine: Hey, Foamy. I'm leaving in about five minutes to go on my National Goth Poetry tour.

Foamy: Huh? Wh-wh-what's happening?

Germaine: I told you last week. I booked a bunch of shows where I'll be reciting poetry all across our great country for a full two months.

Foamy: I-I don't know why you wanna do that.

Germaine: Well, I figured if musicians can tour and play music, a poet - especially one as great as I - can do the same with the poetry, especiallly my poetry.

Foamy: Yeah, you're real special...!

Germaine: Which brings me to my next topic. Since I'm going to be gone, I went to leave someone in charge, who'll kind of keep an eye on you.

Foamy: I dont' work well with authority-figures, you know!

Germaine: Yeah, well, too bad.

Foamy: So who is the unfortunate soul that will undoubtably incure my squirrelly WRATH?!

Germaine: Well, um...

Franklin: Hello! I'm gonna be in charge here. And I dont' want no shit from you. As far as I'm concerned, you're gonna be my fuzzy little bitch for the next two months. OK?

Foamy: (laughs) Yeah, that's pretty funny.

Germaine: Yeah, well, have fun. (leaves waving)

Foamy: You-- You can't be serious!

Germaine: Later.

Foamy: (to Franklin) Uh, do you already know what I want from the store or do I have to carve a shopping list into your back?

Franklin: Don't give me no lip, bitch.

Foamy: Oh oh oh, this is gonna be a while "test of will" thing, huh?

Franklin: You bet your fuzzy asshole, it is.

Foamy: And so it begins!

(3 hours later, Franklin is now in a supermarket with lines of blood dripping down his bare back in front of a woman.)

Franklin: Uh, I-I hate to bother you, but can you read the shopping list on my back? Please?

Woman: Uh, it just says "cream cheese" over and over.

Franklin: Oh, that fucking squirrel!

Woman: Uh, your shopping list is, like, bleeding. It's totally gross.

(The ending screen appears)

Fun FactsEdit

  • This is the first episode where Franklin is featured anywhere outside the Star-Schmucks coffee shop.
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