"Laughing At Monkeys In Heaven" is the seventh episode of 4y-Records.

Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], Middle-Aged Man


Middle-Aged Man: [Send pizza] Hey, uh, do you have the Pixies' box set? [I doo-little here]

Clerk: Why would you wanna buy a hundred dollar box set that has almost no new material whatsoever? [Come on! Pilgrim]

Middle-Aged Man: Well, uh, y'know, it comes with a DVD, and uh, I'm kind of a sucker. [We're all suckers]

Clerk: As long as you know that, the transaction may continue.

Middle-Aged Man: So uh, where is it? [Look before you ask]

Clerk: It's in the back by the Sucker section, next to the 18 Different Greatest Hits album by The Cure [Greatest Hits albums suck] and the 12 Morrissey compilations that all have suede-leather box around them. [Chicken tofu monkey]

Middle-Aged Man: Aw geez, can this store be any more hostile to its customers? [With knife I stab eyes]

Clerk: Only if they allowed me to carry a loaded weapon.

Middle-Aged Man: Hey, [B] if this wasn't the only record store left open on the planet, I, I would not shop here.

Clerk: Eh, lucky me. [Nimrod's son ---->]

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