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Foamy: I've been doing some research, and I've discovered that your moments of manic depression are caused by "inner demons"

Germaine: We all have our inner demons.

Foamy: Not now. Begley, Pillz-e and I have decided to cure you of your tormenting ailments through our secret Foaminion cult demon-be-gone ritual. Lights!

Pillz-e: Oh my, gotta get the lights - click!


Germaine: What the-?

Foamy: Ooooooh sacred spirit of the Foaminion cult, cast the demons away that torment this dumb, dumb human.

(Germaine is chained to a table)

Foamy: And now for the sacred Foaminion hand gesture.

(Foamy puts on foam hand naming "foamy rules")

Foamy: Demon be gone (slaps Germaine)

Germaine: OW!

Foamy: How do you feel?

Germaine: Still depressed and now aggravated.

Foamy: Ah, guess I have to try again. Demon be gone! (slaps Germaine again, Germaine Screams)

(6 hrs. later)

Germaine: Please, no more, I'll do anything.

Foamy: Demon be gone!

Begley: I think it's hopeless.

Pillz-e: Think it's hopeless.

Germaine: Why do you hate me?

Begley: I don't think it's working

Foamy: Nonsense, she just needs to be smacked harder, is all. Demon be gone!

Germaine: Aaargh.

(blood spatters)

Foamy: How do you feel?

Germaine: Well, I'm not depressed anymore, just filled with a psychotic hatred for squirrels.

Foamy: Ha! Another success! All hail the power of the Foaminion cult!


Germaine: I'll show you inner demons!

Foamy: Hey - ow! What the fuck is wrong with you!?

Begley: She's on the loose! She is!

Pillz-e: Run for your life from the flailing arms of the angry lady!

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When Germaine gets slapped harder by foamy, the screen is then focused on Pillz-e and Begley and shows Begley's mouth in shock as this happens. (which is one of the few occasions other than in eye stigmata and exotic chocolates that any of the squirrels are seen with a mouth)






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