(The Title Screen Appears)

(The Warning Screen Appears)

(Germaine and Mutey are reading books by the pool)

Foamy: You ever watch the news, during the summer, on a really hot day? Some jack off, umbrella-sucking, weather reporting schmuck goes to the people and ask them (mock) "So is it hot enough for ya?" (normal) This drives me nuts! I mean, its 100 degrees outside, and this overpaid rain-cloud is sent out to stop people on the street where it's really hot and ask these poor, sweaty bastards an idiotic question, like (mock) "Is it hot enough for ya?" (normal) Well, what the fuck do you think? I personally would like to give sarcastic answers to these news assholes who seem to go out of their way to stop me on the street. (mock) "So is it hot enough for you?" (normal) "Well, no Bob. Actually, I can do with another 20 degrees because my balls haven't completely shriveled up yet. Yep, 20 more degrees should do it." Then they ask the other (mock) hot weather question. "So what are you doing to stay cool?" (normal) Well, Bob, I just put my dick in the ice cream cone that you're eating, and that helped a bit, but long-term coolness would definitely require me to stick my hairy, naked ass in your catered punch bowl. Yep, that should do it, Bob. That's how I stay cool." Then they just keep praddling on. (mock) "There you have it. Live from New York. How to keep cool: Genitals in the Ice Cream. Back to you." (normal) People, people like this just-just make me want to throw fire in their face. A big heaping handful of fire right in the face. Is that hot enough for you? Asshole (Mutey is pulled into the pool by a tentacle) Fire!

(End Screen Appears)

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