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Episode 49

Foamy visits Germaine in the hospital while she recovers from a heart attack.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy

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{Germaine and Foamy appear in a hospital room, while Germaine is occupying a hospital bed.}

Foamy: Ugh. Are you done with your psychosematic nonsense?

Germaine: Dude, I like, almost had a heart attack.

Foamy: Please. {pulls out small booklet} According to this, you just have some weird heart arythmia that makes your heart beat all silly like. Like anyone uses their heart anymore.

Germaine: Uh, dude... My heart is like beating at four-hundred beats per minute. It's not cool, man.

Foamy: Yeah, yeah, yeah... Hey, are you gonna eat your food? Look at all this weird stuff they give you. What is this, meatloaf, or cake? And I guess this is some sort of juice. Wait, could be a urine sample. I wouldn't drink that if I were you. Can I have that little cup of apple-cherry sauce they give you?

Germain: Go ahead.

Foamy: Ooh, kick-ass. {grabs cup of apple-cherry sauce from the trey} Look on the bright side, though. You get to watch some quality cable T.V. {changes channel} Look, the cardiology channel.

Germaine: Dude, turn off the T.V., and go away.

Foamy: Yeah, keep up that arythmia of yours, and they'll have to slice you open like this fat bastard getting the quadrouple bypass.

Foamy: {yelling at T.V.} That's what you get for eating curly fries all day, you fat piece of crap! {A sound of a heart exploding is heard from the T.V.} Ooh, look. His aorta just ruptured.

{The Ending screen appears.}

Foamy: Eh. Oh, not looking too good.

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