Episode 6

Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash register], woman


Woman: Hey, [You shouldn't be here] do you know anything about this game? [Do research]

Clerk: Dude, read the back of the box.

Woman: It says it's game of the year. [Sign blocker -]

Clerk: Then it must be good! [Because reviews never lie]

Woman: That's what I was thinking. [LIAR]

Clerk: 45 dollars. Gimme. [Sorry. No CODs]

Woman: When did you start selling video games anyway? [When Pong was new]

Clerk: When music became a video game [DLC killed my CDs] and every asshole on the planet traded in their CDs for downloads and plastic guitars.

Woman: Yeah, the music industry has changed [The industry is still greedy] quite a bit since you opened this store. [Musical coasters sold here]

Clerk: I swear, everything went to hell as soon as Kurt Cobain pulled the trigger.

Woman: Who? [Never mind]

Clerk: Yeah. You might remember him in action figure form. (pulls out Kurt Cobain action figure) [Now available toys of dead people]

Woman: Oh yeah, he was in that band with the other action figure with the spikey black hair. [Stupid people arrive daily]

Clerk: Sid Vicious?

Woman: Yeah! [No]

Clerk: You have... no clue. ["Clue" available on DVD & board game]

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