"Hanging With The DJ" is the third episode of 4y-Records. It was released on August 13th, 2009.

Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], Triple-D Girl

Transcript Edit

(Triple-D Girl walks up with CD, a vacent expression on her face and breasts bigger than her head nearly spilling out of her "Meat is Murder" top. Clerk briefly looks down at them)
Clerk: [They are fake] As a Morrissey fan, [How soon is later] don't you find it the slightest bit annoying that a man that wrote a song decrying record companies [Paint a Vulgar Picture] for reissuing and repackaging music, has now been rereleasing [Look it up] and remastering a majority of his catalog?
Triple-D Girl: I don't care.
Clerk: [Does any one]'ll just keep buying anything this guy puts out.
Triple-D Girl: [Doesn't everybody] Yes.
Clerk: Fan of the Cure?
Triple-D Girl: [No cure for the Cure] Yes, and I have all eighteen greatest hits albums.
Clerk: [They don't even have 18 hits] So, you're perfectly fine with the Cure putting out a greatest hits album after every new record they release.
Triple-D Girl: [For real. They do] I don't care.
Clerk: [No one cares] How much of your brain actually works?
Triple-D Girl: [Very little] Doctor says zero.
Clerk: [Told ya] Oh, man. [99% plastic --->] What a waste.
(Triple-D Girl coughs up a load of semen, which goes down her cleavage) [Swine flu --->]
Clerk: [Antibiotics sold here] Ass!
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