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{The Warning screen appears.}

(Germaine is sewing clothes)

Foamy: Oooohh. Needle and thread! You're gonna sew someone's eye's shut? Huh?

Germaine: I'm about to sew your mouth shut!

Foamy: Oh, yeah, very nice! Filth!

Germaine: Be quiet! I need to concentrate!

Foamy: Concentrate on what?

Germaine: I'm making myself some clothes!

Foamy: Ehh...why don't you buy some new ones, alright?

Germaine:'s not the same. All the clothes out there are like slutwear for teens.

(cuts to a restaurant where Germaine is in skimpy clothes)

Foamy: Slut-wear, dun...dun....dunnn......

Germaine: Slutwear! (flaunts body)

(back to normal)

Germaine: They're cut too low or too high and tend to show off parts of my body that the public doesn't need to see.

Foamy: Speaking of body parts that should be hidden, may I reccomend adding a hood to your creation, ehh?

Germaine: Funny, mmm....anyway at this point, I'd just cover up whatever parts of my body that distract men from having a civilized conversation with me.

Foamy: Hey, if guys cannot control themselves, that's not your problem.

Germaine: True, but guys tend to listen more if they're not distracted by tits.

(cuts to restaurant where Germaine converses with Anchovie, but Anchovie stares at her cleavage instead of having eye contact)

Germaine: So I said to the pope, I'll see you in hell first.

(back to normal)

Germaine: I don't want my intellect overlooked just because I have cleavage.

Foamy: Hey, but plumbers have cleavage.

Germaine: That is something we'd all like to overlook.

Foamy: Yeah, once you see it, it haunts the mind. Errrghhh

Germaine: (shudders) Sweaty plumber ass.

Foamy: So how long will this take you to finish?

Germaine: Well, that depends on how many times I'm interrupted!

Foamy: Well, you'll be at this for a while, won't ya! And don't forget the hood! No one wants to see your big ugly head!

{The Ending screen appears.}

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