Gummie Bear Graveyard

"Do they tell you how much they love your gummie bear gifts? Do they tell you in your head? While you're sleeping?"

Episode 161

Germaine decides to pay a tribute to the dead... with gummie bears.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy


{The Warning screen appears.}

{Germaine and Foamy walk into view over a graveyard environment.}

Foamy: What are we doing here? Are you going through one of your, I'm so dark phases?

Germaine: No! I come here once a week and visit the dead.

Foamy: Ehh... how Gothic?! And what's with the gummie bears?

Germaine: I leave a gummie bear on each tomb stone when I visit.

Foamy: ....What?!

Germaine: It's... kind of a gift of sorts, besides I think the dead appreciate it.

Foamy: Do they tell you how much they love your gummie bear gifts? Do they tell you in your head? While you're sleeping? Are you hearing voices?!

Germaine: I know it may seem silly but if you were dead, wouldn't you appreciate someone giving you a gummie bear?

Foamy: Um... I'd probably appreciate some king of reanimation liquid. Like that H.B. Lovecraft short story, Reanimator? If I'm dead, i'd rather find a solution to the whole, you know, dead thing! Rather then put a squishy gummie treat in my rotting skull!

Germaine: You're such a freak.

Foamy: You're the one feeding the dead gummie bears, okay?!

{Germaine sighs}

Germaine: Maybe one day, when I'm gone, someone will be nice enough to lay gifts upon my grave. I know I'd appreciate it.

Foamy: Why are all the gummie bears, green?

Germaine: Well, I, I kinda eat all the other flavours. I really don't like the mint ones.

Foamy: No one likes the mint ones!!! And what the hell makes you think the dead would want them!!?!??

Germaine: I don't know. But um, sure they could use something minty fresh, you know, for their decomposing breath and all.

Foamy: Hey, how come no one ever made a cream cheese-flavoured gummie bear?

Germaine: Cause it would suck.

Foamy: You know nothing!!!

{The Ending screen appears.}

Foamy: {sings} Cream cream creamy cheese gummie bear in my head If you touch it I will kill you and you would be dead. Then I would bring you gummie bears on your tomb stone. Even if you don't want them, cause they're green.

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