Gloomy Blue was a one-shot comic book about a hyper-sexual goth chick and her daily sexual adventures. These include impaling a man's large penis into a table with a fork (after he made lusting advances on her), accidentally drinking semen-filled coffee cream (and asking for more), fucking a man until his head explodes, getting butt-raped by her boyfriend (or "soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend" as the title suggests) in bed, and sucking a guy off under a restaurant table. She is described by Mathers as a sluttier version of Germaine. Ironically, Germaine would become more like Gloomy Blue as Neurotically Yours progressed.

The comic also contains fake ads and humorous lists, similar to Neurotically Yours.

Gloomy Blue later appeared in 4y-Records as an occasional clerk.

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