"This beverage is known as... Gas-E-Pop."

Episode 19

Germaine drinks a bottle of Gas-E-Pop and starts burping profusely. Foamy is not amused.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy


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{Germaine stands in a green room that tilts for effect.}

Germaine: There is a carbonated beverage that reaches deep down into your soul and brings out the demon within. {The view fades to black, then fades back in.} This beverage is known as... {The view fades again.} {echoing} ...Gas-E-Pop.

{The view fades again. Germaine holds a bottle of Gas-E-Pop and opens it; a fizzing noise is heard. The view fades again.}

{Germaine is shown gulping down the Gas-E-Pop. Foamy enters.}

Foamy: So this is what you do when I'm not in any of your cartoons, huh? Heh, very good. See? I'm not here for a few frames and you turn into a raving alcoholic. At least we all know if you fail at the cartoons, you have invaluable talent as a valuable asset in your post-cartoon career.

{The view fades to black. Germaine sighs, then burps. A record-scratch is heard as the view cuts back from black.}

{Germaine burps. There is a pause, then she burps again.}

Foamy: Okay, dude, this is like getting out of hand. Stop it.

{The view fades again. Germaine burps.}

Foamy: Ah, dude.

{The view fades again. Germaine burps.}

Germaine:' Wait, wait. There's a long one coming up. {burps}

Foamy: {impressed} Whoa. From the belly of the beast.

The view fades again. Germaine burps.}

Germaine: Hot dog? Ugh. When's the last time I had a fucking hot dog? Huh. Vintage.

Foamy: Ah. That one was fucking disgusting. {Germaine burps.} {sarcastically} Heh, aren't we sophisticated? Whoo! Round of applause for the burping lady. {Germaine extends her middle finger at Foamy.}

{The view fades to black.}

{The Ending screen appears.}

Germaine: {burps} Admit it, {burps} I am the woman of your dreams.

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  • The words "deep down" in Germaine's line "...deep down into your soul..." will sometimes run together, without a normal word pause in between.

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