(Title Screen Appears)

(Warning Screen Appears)

Germaine: Ah, geez. (presses button)

Anchovie: (answering machine): Hello, Germaine. It's you-know-who. Um, I wrote you a song last time and I sang it on your answering machine, and I wanted to be sure if you got it. So, um, I wrote you another one, and this one is from the heart, my heart. (singing) (Clears throat) I love to watch your bum. It's better than anyone's. I want rub it when it's chilly and poke it with me willy and make you scream with fun. But you won't return my calls and you won't suck my balls (Germaine disgusted with tongue out). It's rather sad but true, really fucking rude. So I'll just have to kill you. The End. I hoped you like it. A thank-you would be nice too. Wanker. Call me (End of Messages)

Germaine: Dude, does it, like, cost anything to get a restraining order.

Foamy: Um, not really. They don't really do anything. You're still here. You don't listen to my restraining order. Ugh.

(End Screen Appears) Foamy: Restrain the humans, restrain them all, take back your trees.

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