Franklin is a boy who looks to be about Germaine's age. He is pretty much the opposite of her: into trends and hates anyone who's not trendy. He often says "bitch".

He works at Star-Shmucks Coffee House and is hinted at possibly being gay. He dislikes Foamy (and only ever calls him "sir") but was put in charge of caring for him while Germaine was going on a 'National Goth Poetry Tour' for two months. He then tries to make it seem like he is the boss until Foamy carves a shopping list into his back consisting of the words "cream cheese" over and over. Upon Germaine's return, she finds Franklin in her underwear, and a naked dead cadaveric spazzing guy on her ceiling fan. Franklin offers to take him down when he's done "twitching", and when Germaine asks what they can do to pass the time, Franklin replies "Tch, hello? watch".

He also refers to people as "mortals."

At the end of Small, Medium, Large, Larger he is apparently shot by a very high powered rifle. As to which Foamy replies, "That's what you get!! 32 OZ OF BULLET TO YOUR SKULL!!!" However, several episodes later, he reappears in Breast Physics, agreeing with Germaine that "cock physics" should even out the "breast physics" in video games.

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  • Franklin has admitted to be gay, as when he got sick of Pilz-E asking him about a medical moachino, he stated, "As soon as I get a husband, I am so out of here."
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