Foamy: What happened to forums? Remember when forums were actually useful and you could actually get some valuable information from intelligent people who were somewhat knowledgeable about the topic you were interested in? What happened to this? Now anytime you go to a forum, all you get is a bunch of bickering pricks who are so self-involved with their own opinons that they completely dismiss an alternative view. "Because it might hurt their fragile ego!" Now, all you get are pages upon pages of simple-minded morons consitently agreeing with one another, validating each other's egos. And God forbid you bring up a different viewpoint. You will see post after post of people calling you ignorant, stupid, or "just some dumb faggot who doesn't know nothin!" This is bad, people! What happened to having an open dialogue with people about a particular subject? How did everyone get so fucking judgemental and closed minded all of a sudden? Huh? I really think people just post shit so they can see their own words out in the world, giving them some sort of delusional mentaily that their opinion actually means anything to anyone, and that they've somehow influenced the outcome of someone's life "with their eternal wisdom or advice!" Look. Your opinions mean nothing. Your forums mean nothing. You're not influencing anybody, you're not some blogging superstar. You're a lonely loser whose only friend is a flickering screen with pixelated text. Stop texting your ideas and go download some porn! At least it will keep your hands busy long enough for people to get a short reprieve from your idiocy! People are taking yourselves way too seriously, like you're fucking news reporters. You're not news reporters! And I'm not criticizing people for having opinions; I have my own. But I am not so closed minded that I can't allow a conflicting view. I can listen to it objectively, weigh its value, and determine its validity. For some reason, no one else can do this. Open your fucking minds, you text fucking pixel pricks! Okay? Prick!

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