Form Letter

"That's gonna get you a job real quick."

Episode 16

Germaine isn't too happy that her poetry wasn't accepted.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy


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{Germaine sits at a desk with her laptop.}

Germaine: {types and speaks} Dear heartless-form-letter-writing people: {Foamy appears outside the window.} After sending you my best examples of poetry for a publication consideration, {Foamy goes to the top of the window, above Germaine's head.} and after slaving away for hours to conjure the perfect words derived from divine inspiration, {Foamy lowers back down.} it seems that I have received a rejection letter by mistake. I find it odd that your staff would be so simple minded as to write something as ignorant as {Foamy enters from the right and moves to the left.} “Your work is very good but we're not sure we'd be able to do justice to it.” Not able to do justice to it? Are you fucking stupid? Of course you could do justice to it! You’re one of the largest fucking publishing houses on the east coast! Your faceless staff make me sick, {Foamy slowly rises from the bottom of the screen.} like a vomiting rat in a filthy toilet. Your translucent attempt at sparing my feelings {Foamy quickly goes back down.} is both condescending and pathetic. {Foamy appears behind Germaine's chair.} I hope you all get severe paper cuts around your throats and wrists {Foamy looks suprised.}, and blood shoots from your bodies into your own eyes, {Fomay goes back down.} obscuring your vision, rendering you helpless and trying to dial “911”. {pauses} I appreciate your time in reviewing my poetry and hope to hear that the above issue has been rectified. Please send royalty checks to the address enclosed. Hugs and kisses, Germaine.

Foamy: {from atop Germaine's chair, sarcastically} Yep. That'll do it. That's gonna get you a job real quick. No stopping you now.

{The Ending screen appears.}

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