(Title Screen Appears)

(Warning Screen Appears)

Foamy: Yeah, it's been a while. And since it's been a while (Foamy flings letters), I've received a slew of e-mails that need addressing. Even though I took my e-mail link off the site, they still find me. Letter-writing pen demon. Oh.

(reads letter) "Dear Foamy, Why do you hate naked cartoons so much? You should get a life, there's nothing wrong with naked cartoons."

Oh my god! Oh!

(types on laptop) "Dear Purveyor of Animated Booty, I personally don't have a problem with nudity. I'm not a prude. I'm not some uptight twit that gets all upset when they see a tit. But a boob is just a boob. The main problem is, some guys and girls get fixated on a particular character, then starts fantasizing about them. And then, they start e-mailing me about wanting to see them naked. It's kind of creepy. As for getting a life, you're the one watching naked cartoons dude. You need the life, not me. Thank you for watching. Your lord and master, Foamy."

Next letter (reads letter) "Dear Foamy, I sent in a Foamy fan-art and it hasn't been posted on your website. Why?" Because your artwork sucks, dude. A stick figure with pointed ears could hardly be called a picture of Foamy. And don't get me this (mock voice) "It's outsider art" (normal voice) bullshit. The reason it's call outsider art is because it should be left outside. Oh, and on the topic of fan art, to the guy, please stop sending me naked drawings of Germaine (hold picture of naked Germaine with lollipop). There's like-there's like 80 gigs of them on my hard drive. Seriously, its getting a bit gross. And Germaine is starting to develop a complex.

(a naked Gerimaine is pointed at)

Germaine (holding picture): Is my ass really that fat?

Foamy: Learn how to draw a boob. Next non nudity letter.

(reads letter) "Dear Foamy, Why do you have such animosity towards the Star-Schmucks coffeehouse chain? I personally like their coffee and I think your opinions suck" I can only burn you with a really fucking hot cup of coffee. Oh.

(types on laptop) "Dear Investor of Overpriced Coffee, The reason I don't like (mock voice) Star-Schmucks (normal) is because they gouge the customer by jacking up the price of their shitty coffee that tastes so nasty, I wouldn't even feed it to the worms in my dog's shit, assuming I had a dog with worms. Hope that answers your question, you coffee whore. Thank you for watching. Your lord and caffeinated master, Foamy."

And, you know, I'm getting out of here. Seriously though, its been over 100 episodes in the whole "I-want-to-see-Germaine-naked" is getting really fucking old, seriously old. Uhh.

(End Screen Appears)