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Foamy: Okay, apparently you people are not getting the point! When I said 'This is the last Foamy fan-mail' I expected 'oh ok the letters will stop' they'll get it they'll listen to me, no apparently you people just don't get it.

You people don't understand that the idea gets stale after a while; you can't keep answering e-mails over and over and over!

Because the reason it gets stale is not because I'm not funny, it's because your e-mails are redundant.

I've separated all my e-mails here (3 piles of e-mails are in front of Foamy)

Pile one, the worst pile of all! This pile is just constant letters of wanting to see things naked in the cartoons.

This is the other pile which says I'm totally cool and I'm awesome and I kick ass, all very true-but what am I going to do? Respond to each one of them?

The third pile! Probably the most irritating pile - The pile where 'the fans' - the fans and their ideas! Stuff, you know story ideas where people want me to get a girlfriend or people want Germaine to get a boyfriend - now let me tell you something straight off about the girlfriend-boyfriend scenario:

1. It's predictable 2. Every time I've ever watched a cartoon and all of a sudden a 'significant other' is introduced to the main character's life the whole thing falls apart. Like a fucking shattered stained glass window in a church.

Let's make it as clear as day, that there will be no more Foamy fan mail, and here's how I do it, you see these letters

(Foamy appears with lighter fluid)

Wrreet! Lighter fluid! woo

(Foamy then holds a book of matches)

And what do we have here?

It's a fucking pack of matches!!! Wheee matches! Fire on a stick! Wohoo hoo hoo hoo!

(Foamy lights the match) Hut.

(A wall of flame envelopes around the room, except for Foamy)

There you go, see setting the place on fire! Ha ha!!

Burn, Burn! There is fire everywhere!

Why can't you people accept that!

You have invoked the squirrelly wrath that has destroyed the fan mail!


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