"I'm the Lord and Master, you all are bastards, worship me, or I'll stab your eyes 'til you bleed. I am the Lord and Master" ~ Foamy in Squirrel Songs

The Lord and Master of the Universe, Foamy may or may not be a powerful deity who lives on Earth in the humble form of a squirrel. While seemingly consumed with the simple life of a squirrel, gathering nuts and such, Foamy has also displayed a cutting wit, thoughtful insight, and immense power; the most terrifying of which is known only as his "Squirrely Wrath". Foamy has appeared throughout history and claims to have had 630 owners spanning a 400 year span. Of them, only four have ever impressed Foamy enough to merit a "reboot", a chance to reverse time and try life again.

Foamy is also the public figurehead of the Foamy Card Cult, a shadowy organization which exists to spread the word of their Lord and Master. He is a known lover of high octane coffee, fast food, and independant music. Foamy is perhaps most know for his acerbic rants regarding a variety of subjects he has qualms about.

Relationships with other SquirrelsEdit

Foamy's best friends are other squirrels--Pillz-E, Begley, and The Hatta', although he is no less abrasive to them than he is to everyone else, his favorite of the three appears to be Begley, but they still get on each others nerves. He also has a grandfather that he has to deal with on a daily basis.

Relationships with GermaineEdit

While Germaine sees herself as Foamy's owner, he doesn't consider himself her pet. He often criticizes her, especially regarding her weight and her attempts to write novels or poetry. Although he is quite abrasive to her, he has shown signs of caring for Germaine; often giving her helpful, if somewhat blunt advice. He does occasionally use her for duties such as supplying him with cream cheese and coffee, mailing his cult letters, and entertaining his friends when he is too annoyed with them. Foamy plans to kill Germaine and turn her into his robot slave.

Trivia Edit

  • Its revealed in The Point of it All (part 1) that Germaine has a foamy puppet and can mimic his voice perfectly.
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