Eye Stigmata

"I forgive you, stupid people...."

Episode 46

Germaine picks out new glasses while Pillz-E discusses the finer points of the disorder "sigmata of the eye".

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Pillz-E


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{Germaine is shown standing in a store looking at glasses.}

Germaine: Ugh, Jeeze. You know, I hate looking for new glasses. It's like trying to pick out a whole new face.

{Pillz-E pops up from behind the counter.}

Pillz-E: Oh yeah, with the new faces gone changed with the eyes of the dead man see through your head of lies in the apendage case of a new brain case.

Germaine: Right, whatever. I'm just glad my eyes haven't gotten worse since my last check-up. {puts on a pair of glasses}

Pillz-E: My last check-up with the doctors; said I had a stigmata in my eyes. Stigmata is bad.

Germaine: Y... you mean astigmatism.

Pillz-E: Nope, it's a stigmata with the bleeding of the eyes and the retina gone crazy-swirly with the twitching of bloody red cornea. The cornea-corn.

Germaine: I think you're getting it all mixed up.

Pillz-E: Are you saying I'm a liars with the falseness of the fictioness and the statements untrue? {squeals; falls over with a smashing noise}

Germaine: No, I'm saying I think you have the two terms mixed up. Astigmatism {Pilz-E shakes a container of medication, lays some capsules on the counter, and eats them.} is an eye condition known as a refractive error. That just means it causes a disturbance in the way that light rays are focused within the eye. A stigmata is spontaneous manifestation of bloody wounds on a person's hands, feet, forehead, and back, similar to the wounds inflicted upon Jesus during the crucifixtion.

Pillz-E: I know the difference between of a stigmata and astigmatism of the eye, and I have a stigmata in the eye.

Germaine: O... okay, fine, what ever.

Pillz-E: Jesus was cool with the powers {holds up a small cross} and the healing and the forgiving the stupid people. {imitating Jesus} I forgive you, stupid people.... {spurts blood from eyes all over Germaine} Whoa, wait, ah, jeez, wait a second, see? Telling the truth; a stigmata in the eye! Gah... oh....

Germaine: Ew, that's fucking gross!

Pillz-E: Don't make fun of the genetic disabillity. I tell you, this would really hurt if I wasn't loaded up on the pain killers. {spurts more blood on Germaine}

{The Ending screen appears.}

Pillz-E: Stigmata... in your eye.

Fun FactsEdit


  • Astigmatism is a refraction error of the eye in which there is a difference in degree of refraction in different meridians.
  • Stigmata are bodily marks, sores, or sensations of pain in locations corresponding to the crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ.


  • One can not have "a stigmata" or "astigmatism of the eye". One can only have "stigmata" or "an astigmatism of the eye", respectively.

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