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Foamy: Evil corporate zombies. For those of you who play video games, how many of you have noticed that every other game has some evil corporation. It's always some evil corporation, and the corporation, it's not just evil, it seems to be manufacturing zombies as well. And if they are not making some living dead entity, they're making a virus, but nothing like the common cold. Nope, we're talking about your airborne, eating-flesh type virus, and you, the hero of the game must, of course, somehow contain this virus from an worldwide outbreak. Because, if it is released into the public, it'll infect humans and, of course, turn them into zombies. You know, I-I can see the corporation's wanting to turn everyone into mindless zombies, but what's the point of turning everyone into zombies unless they are going to buy the corporation's crap. I mean, where's the profit? All they want to do is eat brains. Unless, of course, these evil corporations want to make mindless brain-eating zombies, then harvest the brains of the living and resell the brains at a profit, thus, cornering the market on brain-selling. Now that's - that's evil. Oh well, my point is that it's an overused plot in games and movies and needs to stop. That's all. That's all.

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Beware corporate zombies, they will purchase your brain on Ebay.

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