Episode 19


Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], Monk

{Monk walks in}

[It's too damn sultry in here]

Monk: I'm looking for some music to which I can sacrifice a virgin. [Good luck finding one]

Clerk: [holds up Spongebo's Greatest Hits] Spongebob Squarepants, [Patrick Star sucks] track 11: "Best Day Ever" [Squid Ward F.T.W.]

Monk: I am not familiar with this "Spongebob". [Sponge Blod Square Ass] Is he dark and disturbing? [Have you heard his laugh?]

Clerk: Yeah, sure. Dark, disturbing, has a thirst for blood, all that [Every one needs blood]

Monk: Splendid. I will take it. But be warned: [Live without warning] the master will eat my soul [Souls are tasty] if it is not suitable sacrificial music.

Clerk: Yeah, that's not something I'm really worried about. [Why worry? Buy music]

Monk: Excellent! [Begins laughing] [Sinister laugh here]

Clerk: [joins in sarcastic laughter] Okay, get out. [Wanker ---->]

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