hello, is this the anonymous eaters hotline? yes it is hello. how may I stop you eating today? I really don't think I have a problem but a friend of mine says I do. So that's why i'm calling. Only you know if you have a problem.Soo I don't have a problem? How the fuck do I know? I just said only you know.But I don't think I have a problem. Let me ask you the questions of fatness, number 1, do you take food into the bathroom with you? describe food. Anything larger than bubblegum. so fried chicken counts? Yes, fried chicken counts. lady brings fried chicken into bathroon un fucking believable. Question number 2, Do all your trips have stores including stop off to get some food? shit yeah, that's the only reason why I go out anymore. question number 3, without turning your head, can you see your own ass? A bit in my periphereal vision, but my ass is hot though so its okay. Okay I will now process the data you have given me, hold one moment. Okay, according to my research, it appears you do have a problem, perhaps you should not eat today. Not eat today? what kind of hotline is this? Okay, eat more then, I don't really give a fuck lady, this is just a temp job for me, you want to eat chicken in the bathroom, go ahead. So I have your permission. Yeah, sure, what the fuck ever, another fat american means nothing to me. AWESOME! thanks for all your help. Goodbye fatty. see I told you I didn't have a problem. I don't know you ya called but regardless, you have a problem. whatever i'm going to the bathroom. Clean up after you're done! last time you left bones all over the floor. the bones look at the bones!


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