Dukkha: The Girl with Spooky Alien Powers is a one-shot comic book about a girl named Dukkha who sells her terrible parents to aliens in exchange for "spooky alien powers."

Basically, what happens is that, one night, Dukkha wakes up to find that her parents are being abducted by aliens. She tries to talk them out of it at first, but they promise to give her otherworldly powers (and a shifty-columbian house membership) in exchange for her parents. The decision is made very easily, considering that her parents hate her, regret having her, and even raped her and posted it on the internet.

The next morning, she awakes to find the aliens and her parents gone. She finds a note that explains each of her powers (and includes a shifty-columbian house coupon). The powers include mind control, levitation/flying, and telekinesis. The rest of the comic is just about her using her mind control ability to deal with various idiots (and hanging out with her unnamed friend). It ends with a strange man in an aviator helmet/goggles telling her that he's on to her and that he'll be watching (he is subsequently hit by a truck, though not fatally).


  • There are several cameos in the club scene. These include:
   1. Gloomy Blue (saying "someone notice me")
   2. Germaine (saying "you are so sad" to a vampire wannabe)
   3. 4y-Guy (holding a vinyl record and saying "this music sucks monkey")
   4. Foamy (behind the counter with the 4y-Guy)
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