The Title Screen Appears

The Warning Screen Appears

(Germaine is in the Bathtub)

Foamy: You know what just pissed me off, I'm watching this Japanese cartoon, and they dubbed the whole thing in English.

Germaine: So what's the problem?

Foamy: Well, frankly, I want to find out where they find these God-awful voice actors. I mean, the voice-acting is just horrible. It doesn't match up with the animation, it doesn't have the same feeling as the original dialogue, and it just makes the whole cartoon look and sound like crap.

Germaine: Would you rather read subtitles?

Foamy: Yes, I would. And its not just the English-dubbed films. You ever seen an American film dubbed in Spanish or French.

Germaine: I wonder what I would look like with 3 breasts.

Foamy: Its so horrible, it makes me want to cut off my own ears and feed them to the dog.

Germaine: Why is this bothering you so much?

Foamy: Well, I had this cup of coffee, but then I had to reheat it, and I didn't get a chance to drink it, and then I had to re-heat it again. So I'm drinking re-re-reheated coffee. Its pretty nasty and its pissing me off.

Germaine: Why not make a new pot?

Foamy: Too much trouble. You gotta get the filters, add the water, you know coffee grounds. Its-Its a hassle.

Germaine: Its conversations like this that make me wish I can eat out my own asshole so I could run away and join a freak-show.

Foamy: We're all in a freakshow man, its called life. Buy a ticket and enjoy the ride. Aw, geez my coffee went cold. Fucking crap.

(The duckie explodes in Germaine's face)

(End screen appears)