Episode 5

Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], Guitar Hero Girl


[Where's Captain Kirk?]

Guiar Hero Girl: Dude, [Trash ahoy cookies] yo man, when does the Guitar Hero [Guitar Zero] tournament start?

Clerk: Tonight at 6 PM

Guitar Hero Girl: Awesome, dude. I've been, like, practicing all week for this. [Great use of time] I'm been shredding, like, (makes noise and rocks out on her Guitar Hero guitar) [Wow you're annoying] I'm gonna rock. [You're gonna suck]

Clerk: Dude, it's five buttons. [Real guitars sold here] You don't shred on five buttons. [Unless you're in Guitar Zeros]

Guitar Hero Girl: I shred, dude! I'm like Steve Vai of Guitar Hero! [Where's my Vai DLC]

Clerk: You ever listen to music? I mean, without having a plastic turntable [WICKY WOO!] strapped to your hip? I mean, actual uncompressed music [128 bit rate sucks] on a disc or record? [I like records]

Guitar Hero Girl: I got my iPod [iPod doesn't count] all filled with all musics, dude. [Wish I had a flamethrower]

Clerk: Yeah, those high-quality headphones they give you really reproduce the music with intense clarity. [If clarity means crap]

Guitar Hero Girl: And if it don't, I just make it louda! [Loud does not mean better] Whaaaaaaw, oh yeah! (rocks out on guitar controller) [This is why music sucks]

Clerk: Alright, dude, get the fuck out of my store and never come back. I see you again, I shoot you in the face. [Tick tick boom!]

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