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Episode 51

Germaine gets specific instructions she needs to follow from her doctor

Cast (in order of appearance): Foamy, Germaine

Series: Creative IssuesHospital StayKavorkian ScarfDo's & Don'ts


{The Warning screen appears.}

Foamy: Listen up. Since you have that weird little heart problem, I got a list of dos and donts from your overpaid doctor.

Germaine: {sarcastic} Great.

Foamy: Here's what you can't do. No running marathons, no roller coaster rides, no watching the Cardiology Channel, no vigorous picking of your nose, no sky-diving, no train-surfing on the top of subway cars, no gunfights, no knife fights or hand-to-hand combat with ninjas, {jumps across the screen in ninja outfit, Germaine mimes blowing her brains out with a gun} no viewing of disappointing sequels (ahem Matrix Revolutions), and under no circumstances may you partake in group orgies.

Germaine: {sarcastic} No orgies? Oh, what is a girl to do? Wait a second, did the doctor actually write "no group orgies"?

Foamy: {Shows doctor's note, which reads, "No orgy u slut"} Yep, for some reason he's under the impression that you're some sort of perverted trollop.

Germaine: And how, may I ask, did he get that impression?

Foamy: Please, as far as he's concerned, any woman who gets the nipples pierced is a damn whore, a damn whore!!

Germaine: But my nipples aren't pierced. {Feels her boobs, realizes they are, looks down her shirt} What the hell? When did that happen?

Foamy: See, this is what I mean? You don't know what's goin' on half the time. No orgies for you, you damn nipple-pierced freaky freak .... freak.

Germaine: Eloquent.

Foamy: Don't make me pull the plug on you!

Germaine: What plug?

Foamy: This one! Ha!

Germaine: That's the plug to the toaster

Foamy: Aw man, I was making toast. It's all ruined now.

{The Ending screen appears.}

{Foamy groans}

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  • The doctor's unusual request of not watching the Cardiology Channel referrences two episodes ago in "Hospital Stay", where Foamy turns the TV in Germaine's room to the Cardiology Channel, much to her irritation.

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