Germaine is a bit ticked off at Foamy.

Episode 1

In the first ever episode of Neurotically Yours, Germaine finds it hard to get some peace and quiet while on her computer.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy


{Germaine sits at her computer, typing.}

{Germaine stops typing looks behind herself, slowly, as Foamy slowly rises from behind her chair.}

{Foamy quickly darts back behind the chair, and Germaine resumes typing.}

{Foamy rises from the side of Germaine's chair, then quickly darts back as Germaine stops typing and looks.}

{Germaine resumes typing, and Foamy leaps from the right side of the screen to the left side, squealing.}

{Germaine stops typing as her eye twitches, then resumes typing.}

{Foamy files in from the left side of the screen with a running chainsaw and does a double midair filp, landing below the screen.}

{Foamy enters from the left side of the screen with the left side of his head and his body bandaged.}

{The doorbell rings and Foamy exits the way he came. Germaine grits her teeth.}

{A baby's cry is heard and Germaine's right eye squints.}

{A door slams and Foamy enters with a severed arm holding a letter marked "mail".}

{Germaine stops typing and opens her mouth and eye to look at Foamy menacingly. Foamy turns and leaves.}

{Germaine resumes typing with an angry expression.}

{Foamy leaps in from the left at high speed while Germaine quickly smacks him back the way he came.}

{Through the window behind Germaine, a UFO flies in and fires a laser-beam at a house, which bursts into flame. Germaine stops typing.}

{Foamy enters with a blue hat with buttons and lights on, a dilated pupil, and his mouth hanging open. Germaine looks at him angrily.}

{Foamy leaves and Germaine resumes typing with a happy expression.}

{The Ending screen appears.}

{Foamy leaps in from the left, then from the right three times and a "PLAY AGAIN" link appears. Foamy continues leaping.}

Fun FactsEdit


  • The slapping sound when Germaine smacks Foamy away is the same sound for when the "PLAY AGAIN" link appears.

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