Dia & Tofu is a new creation by Jon Mathers. It is about a girl who meets and begins to socialize with a soy product. This series seems to have been canceled and instead these characters are now going to be a part of the Neurotically Yours reboot.


  • Dia is an attractive Indian immigrant. She has turquoise eyes, ear piercings and a third eye dot on her forehead and wears a form-fitting white top on black pants. While she has an accent, she speaks correct English and is confused by our strange slang rooted in raping the language. Tofu says she believes in reincarnation. Dia is voiced by Dawn Bennett, the actress for Germaine.
  • Tofu is a piece of talking tofu, with a mouth and two eyes. He is hip on memes, probably likes cats due to utilizing the 'I can has' meme. Dia thinks he smells bad and is expired. His lack of a nose may explain his lack of caring about this. She rescued him from the dark box at the supermarket. He is voiced by Jonathan Ian Mathers, the actor for Foamy.


  1. Episode One February 3 2010
  2. Don't Have a Cow March 3 2010
  3. Needs and Wants March 31 2010
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