Foamy: You ever see these hip-hop rapper assholes who think they're all gangster and shit wearing camouflage clothing? What-- What's going on here? And I know some of these schmucks like to give you that "urban pseudo philosophy." "Well, I's wear them, 'cuz on the streets, I'm a soldier, yo." Shut up! You're a crack baby. Alright? My view on this is, unless you're in the military, or four years old and playing army in your backyard, you don't really need to be wearing camouflage. Grow. Up. And what really drives me closer to passing out napalm donuts in your neighborhood, (throws donut several blocks away which explodes on a distant building) are all the "designer camouflage pants" these urban Neanderthals decide to wear. Like, yellow and black camouflage. Where the fuck are you trying ot blend into, a beehive?!

(Germiane runs from the right side of the screen to the left getting chased by a bee.)

Foamy: And quite possibly the worst, black and white. I call this "Cow-mouflage. You know, looks like a cow?

(a cow pops up from behind the city landscape mooing)

Foamy: Of course, I don't keep up with "urban culture," because I think it degrades and exploits the people affiliated with it. So, what do I know? Maybe looking like a gangster cow is cool these days. Maybe hiding out with bees is hip. In my day, we were too angry and tormented to be concerned with cows. And we had to walk three blocks and catch a bus to shoot up our schools, not like you spoiled whippersnappers with your "high-brand auto cars" and your "homemade explosives." We didnt' have no fancy internet posting weapon blueprints. We had to use bullets, and not the automatic kind! It was like, "shoot six kids. Reload. Shoot another six kids. Reload." Oh oh oh, dude, that was a hassle! You kids got it good, though. You should be thankful. I'll talk to you next time.

(The ending screen appears)

Foamy: (singing) Cow-mouflage. Mrrr.

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