Corporate America Rejected My Soul is a one-shot comic book about a struggling artist named Tia who is constantly rejected by publication companies and muses about the joy and despair that comes with being an artist. She states that her art has become more and more of an annoyance throughout the years, sucking up her friendships, money, and life, and yet she can't stop creating. She wonders if it is all futile and if it would be better to just become a stripper (she shoots down this idea rather quickly, however).

She also travels to "The Gas-E Shack" to get some coffee. The shack is run by a man named Joe who speaks in indecipherable phrases, apparently due to a "pop sickle stick incident." The cash register in the shack has changing messages, much like the one seen in 4y-Records. Interestingly, the first message reads "buy a '4y-Records today damn it."

There is also a one-page "intermission" called "Poetry Break with Crazy, Unstable, Neurotic Girl." The girl in question is a proto-Germaine. Interestingly, Neurotically Yours is advertised in the book as an upcoming series.

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