The transcript:
(Foamy is working on the Japanese sex robot meant for Anchovie)

Begley: Right, so what's all this then?

Foamy: Hey, ummm, this thing was delivered to us by mistake.

Begley: Well, what the fuck is it?

Foamy: Well, apparently, it's some sort of a Japanese sex robot. It's only desire is to please you!

Robot: I am here to please you!

Begley: Those Japanese are so clever!
Foamy: They should, you know, put all their technology to better use, rather than wasting it on robotic handjobs.

Robot: I will fuck!

Begley: Who was it posted to anyway?

Foamy: Well, it was supposed to go to the pizza guy but for some reason, the postal worker couldn't tell the difference between the letter G and Q, so here it is.

Robot: Hello!

Begley: Well, what are you doing in its head, mate?

Foamy: I'm trying to rewire this fucking thing!

Robot: Neural!

Begley: Oh, I see! Is that why I'm here? To do the reprogramming?

Foamy: Dude! You're the tech-head. I just rule here!

Begley: Very nice. I don't show up for a fortnight and now that something needs to be done, "Well, we'll call on Begley, he'll do all the work!" Well, bollocks to that, mate! I bend to no one's will!

Foamy: Dude, stop being such a crumpet-sucker! There's the computer! Just reprogram the commands!

Begley: Give me one good reason why?

Foamy: Because you'll play a significant role in teaching someone an important lesson that technology is no substitute for humanity!

Robot: Boring!

Begley: Right! Very good then! What do you need me to do?

Foamy: Just program its basic functions so, you know, instead of this thing giving someone a blowjob, have it punch him in the face!

Begley: Right!

Foamy: And instead of submitting to butt sex, have it poop in their eye!

Robot: Poop!

Begley: Um, can this thing really poop?

Robot: Eat my poop!

Foamy: Well, it's the special 'fetish' edition!

Robot: Doodyhead!

Begley: Right.

Foamy: Also, change the foot fetish mode, to spinning ramhouse kick in the nuts!

Begley: You're one twisted wanker!

Begley: Kinda make it puke on him when he touches a nip!

Foamy: Go for it, dude!

Robot: I will explode my tits in your eyeball with poop!

Foamy: Once you're done with that, we'll work on the lactating nipples of acid!

Begley: Spot on, mate, spot on!

Robot: Eat my poop, doodyhead!

(END) (sound of a drill)

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