Foamy: I'm getting a bit tired of every comic book getting turned into a movie and or video game. I'll admit, certain films have been pretty fun to watch, but all ion all, its all crap! and the video game, folks, stop making movies based on video games! my god1 can't you find a more relevant piece of source material than a fucking video game!? yeah, why don't we just make, guitar hero: the movie. Uh huh, yeah, ass! I also hate when they reboot a series, its like, let's remove everything that fans are familiar with and just use the characters and make shit up as we go along. This annoys me! I don't ask for much, just some consisitency. I don't don't want superman coming back from a hi ataus in space to find out he knocked up fellow reporter lois lane. I don't want spiderman fighting off and killing three of his arch rivals in one film. Live action dragon ball z movies, uncalled for. Street fighter movies, in any form, not wanted, and I certainly don't want the punisher to be  a movie. Stop making punisher movies!  they all sucked, every single one of them. Stop it! The other thing I loathe are the idiotic ad tionts that make no sense, like shaving commercials for wolverine: the movie, speed racer sandwiches, star trek glasses that come with fast food meals, and speaking of star trek, what the fuck does car insurance have to do with star trek!? who's insuring the fucking interprise? geico? I don't fucking think so. too mush liability. The sad thing is, its never going to end, because hollywood doesn't care, and that's because fans will continue to go see these movies because they can't resist the temptation. Stop going to these comic book exploiting piles of crap! your're just perpexuating the productions of these films! thou shalt not watch bad movies! the power of foamy compels you! the power of foamy compels you!! eventually we'll have ruined evrything mainstream and then have to start exploiting the undergram, and then they'll be films like ralph snark:

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