(radio blabbling and laughter in background, Germaine is reading magazine)

Foamy: Okay, turn off that fucking Margaret Chao comedy CD! I'm fucking sick of it!

Germaine: What? You're not a fan of Margaret Chao?

Foamy: No, she fucking sucks as a comedian! What makes her think that just because she's Asian that she can rag on her own race? Huh? Is ripping on Asians supposed to be funny or some shit?

Germaine: Why do you care? You're not Chinese!

Foamy: That's not the point, asshole! It's like that Dick Chipple show! You know, that fucking black guy who built a career on overexaggerating African-American stereotypes. How come he can degrade his own race, but if a white guy did the same thing and made fun of Asians or blacks, everyone would get all in his face about it!

Germaine: It's just a standard hypocracy. Blacks can make fun of blacks, but whites can't.

Foamy: Yeah, but blacks make fun of whites all the time and may get away with it.

Germaine: This is true.

Foamy: So, it's like, nonwhite comedians can make fun of white people, but white comedians can't make fun of nonwhites.

Germaine: So the legend goes.

Foamy: Uhhh, no!!!!

Germaine: What do you mean no?

Foamy: I'm not buying into that double standard. Either everyone can make fun of everybody or no one can make fun of anyone.

Germaine: You know, there's that same hypocracy with gay people too. Gays can make fun of homosexuals but straight folks can't.

Foamy: Oh, fuck that shit too! You gotta be out of your goddamn mind if you think I'm gonna sit by and not make fun of some fruity bastard because I'm straight! Same thing with non-whites! Fuck non-whites! Fuck whites! Fuck gays! And fuck straight people! You humans and your idiotic double standards need to be obliterated from the face of the earth! Die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!