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{The Warning screen appears.}

Germaine: Don't you find it depressing that humanity has suck to such a shitty level of intelligence and morality? I mean, there's no creativity in anything anymore, no one things for themselves, and everybody tries to be anyone but themselves. No one has a sense of morals anymore. I mean, people shoot other people for a mere 20 dollars in their pocket. Kids are having kids at like 12 or 13 years old. And kids who haven't even learned to wipe their ass yet are toting guns to school as if they're part of the fucking NRA. (sighs) It's all so sad.

Foamy: I've been saying that for the last year. All you humans are like monkeys with machetes. You people can't even properly utilize the technology you've created You create the car, so you race it around in a circle 500 times. That's just fucking stupid. You create the computer and the internet, the ultimate resource tool. And all you do is look up porn and watch cartoons.

Germaine: Hey, I like those internet cartoons. (sighs) You ever wonder what the meaning of life is?

Foamy: The meaning of life is to know yourself, you fucking asshole.

Germaine: Know yourself? That's it? What happens if you already know yourself?

Foamy: You wait until you die, and be glad you won't back as a fucking bug in your next life.

Germaine: So what do I come back as?

Foamy: Only they know.

Germaine: Who's they?

(cuts to alien spaceship orbiting earth)

Foamy: Shh ... They can hear you.

Germaine: Ohh, I need more friends.

Foamy: Yeah. Work on one first.

{The Ending screen appears.}

Foamy: We squirrels laugh at you in secret you know.

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