(The title screen appears)

(The warning screen appears)

(Foamy is speaking with Creature)

Foamy: On our tour today, you have seen the worst humanity has to offer.

(scene cuts to bathroom) Foamy: The log of diabolical stench.

Creature: Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

(scene cuts to Mutey with bra)

Foamy: The torturous over the shoulder boulder-holder

Creature: The horror, the horror!

(scene cuts to the laptop)

Foamy: And home movies

(on laptop)

Anchovie: Wait one moment please

Germaine: Oh yes please.

Anchovie: More.

Germaine: Oh fuck yeah, yeah

Anchovie: Still more

Germaine: Yes, yes.

Creature: oooooh

Foamy: But nothing can prepare you for the worst horror humanity has to offer. Behold woman (unveils a nude Germaine w/thong asleep).

Creature: Ewwwww gross what is that?

Foamy: This particular woman is quite dangerous, so keep your distance. She has been know to devour her mate genitalia using her juicy holes of doom. Located here, here and especially here below the nose cavity.

Creature: Nasty, I'm gonna puke.

Foamy: And with her jiggly butt, she hypnotizes her prey and lulls them into a sexual frenzy of servitude. Behold the power of the jiggly butt. (whaps butt)

Creature: Wow, I can't look away. When does it stop??

Foamy: Mmm, hard to say. Judging by the hypnotic layers of gel around the juicy doom holes, we're looking at about 3 hours or so.

Creature: Wow.

Foamy: This concludes our tour. Make sure to stop by the gift shop and pick up some of our horrible human devices of torture, including toothpaste, tampons, and a device called a thong.

Creature: That's dental floss for the ass.

Foamy: How did you get in here? Who are you?

Creature: I have a nipple for an ear (oozes liquid)

(End screen appears)