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Foamy: Does anyone really give a shit about celebrities anymore. I mean, seriously. I personally don't give a flying fuck if some dumb-ass celebrity is (mocking) getting married or if they have an eating disorder. (normal) To me, this is not news. I am also tired of celebrities pushing their idiotic religions on people. (mocking) Oh, I'm into Kaballa, I'm into Scientology. (normal) Grow the fuck up. No one wants to hear about your delusional bullshit. The only reason these celebrities get into religion is because they have amassed tremendous wealth and have done everything under the sun, and now realize that their life and personality is boring and bland and they are not as half-interesting as the character they portray onscreen. So, they take on some pseudo-religion to give the impression that they have some sort of deep mystical side to them. (mock) Oh yes, my friends and I set aside time to study all aspects of Scientology every Friday night. (normal) After 3 fuckers, 2 kegs, and 6 lines of coke. Good Job. In my opinion, these celebrities are just shallow cogs whose only purpose is to take the role of someone else to entertain and distract themselves from their own bland, unfulfilled lives. In short, the majority of these celebrities are spoiled assholes who have no sense of reality and are living in a fucking set-staged fairyland. Don't be impressed, don't mimic them, don't even give a second thought if you see them in a tabloid. It's all bullshit. Fuck them up the ass with an Emmy, beat them to death with an Oscar. Nobody gives a rat's ass about fucking celebrities. It's all overhyped bullshit. Fuck them.

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