The Transcript

(Begley is typing on his laptop)

Germaine: Dude, I was walking down the street, and this local college was having this all-girls car wash fundraiser.

Begley: Ummm, where?

Germaine: Don't you find it a little weird that a college or any school for that matter would shamelessly exploit their female students in tight shirts and bikini bottoms just to make some money?

Begley: I would like the address!

Germaine: I mean, most of these girls just turned 18 and they have them out there with wet T-shirts jiggling around all over car windshields.

Begley: Address, please!

Germaine: Fine, if you're a perverted guy and like watching young women clean your car with their tits, I understand. But frankly, I wouldn't want some cheesy teen bitch rubbing her boobs on my rear view mirror. It's gross!

Begley: A-d-d-r-e-s-s, I would like to see some breasts!

Germaine: That would be like having a bunch of guys washing my car down with their dicks (begins to hold a hot dog) I mean, seriously, who needs a bunch of cocks flopping around on my windshield?

Begley: Um, you're spoiling the mood.

Germaine: If guys are this stupid and will pay 30 dollars for a car wash, I should create a maid service where all the women clean everything in your house with their tits. I'll call it, 'Clean as a Nipple!"

Begley: Right! Now there's something to invest in!

Germaine: Oh, look, I'm cleaning your desk with my big luscious tits, sir. Is there anything else you want me to rub down with my enormous, nubile, breasts? Dude! Totally gross!!!! (she then burps)

Begley: You think maybe the next time you go on a rant, you could, you know, refrain from molesting my lunch?


Germaine: Just give a whistle, and your house will be clean as a nipple! OOOoooohhh!

Real life referencesEdit

The crisps begley is eating near his laptop read "Wankers" which are reffering to Walkers crisps.

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