Biggest Fear

"I knew a squirrel that had hot cocoa and then iced coffee, and all his teeth blew up in his head!"

Episode 75

Foamy and Germaine discuss their biggest fear.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy

Date Released: July 21st, 2009


{Germaine is sitting in some sort of diner. Foamy appears.}

Foamy: Hey, what's your biggest fear?

Germaine: What's yours?

Foamy: I asked you first.

Germaine: Um, I think my biggest fear is having the world blow up because idiotic politicians can't come to a simple agreement of leaving each other alone.

Foamy: Psh, how typical of "teen angst", bleh.

Germaine: Well, what's yours?

Foamy: Exploding teeth.

Germaine: What?

Foamy: You know how stuff shrinks and expands when it comes in contact with hot or cold?

Germaine: Yeah...

Foamy: My biggest fear is eating ice cream, and then drinking hot coffee, and having my teeth explode due to the extreme change of temperature. {Ducks down, scared} Kind of like when you clean out a hot glass coffee pot with cold water, sometimes they shatter.

Germaine: Get the fuck out of here.

Foamy: Seriously, I knew a squirrel that had hot cocoa and then iced coffee, and all his teeth blew up in his head! {Ducks behind counter momentarily, then reappears} It was horrible. {Ducks again}

Germaine: Teeth don't explode.

Foamy: {Appears} Didn't you ever take a science class in that god-awful school ya go to?

Germaine: Yeah, but we didn't cover Exploding Teeth 101.

Foamy: Nice, what a waste of tuition! How are you going to get through life if you don't learn of the exploding teeth? Huh?

Germaine: It's not that important.

Foamy: Fine, one day, you'll be in a power meeting at some book publisher, trying to get your lame poetry published, when all the sudden you'll have a sip of coffee, and then realize it's starting to get warm, so ya take a sip of icewater, and bam! Your teeth explode, and there's black and filling all over the boardroom! You'll see. {Ducks out of sight}

Germaine: I'm sure I will.

Foamy: {Reappears} Oh, you will. You will. {Coughs}

{The Ending screen appears.}

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