Betty was Foamy's owner before Germaine .


Betty was a strange individual obsessed with becoming an androgynous hybrid. Largely ignoring Foamy's logic, and through dark magic, she became just that. A half man, half woman. Unfortunately things did not go according to plan. In the process, she managed to tick off some demonic entities that bound him/her to a horrific yearly ritual, or be turned to dust. Foamy bailed on Betty after that, citing "total human idiocy" and went on to live in various NYC parks until finally meeting Germaine. Because of his abandonement, she apparently wants to kill him. In addition to having a grudge against Foamy for leaving, Betty performs a one person off, off. off, Broadway Show. A burlesque act of sorts geared towards a fetish crowd. His/Her current pet is a mono-toned cat named "Puff" who likes to listen to music.

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