"Bending It Like Becker" is the fourth episode of 4y-Records.

Cast (in order of appearance): Clerk, [Cash Register], Customer

Transcript Edit

Clerk: [Send nachos] Oh, I see we're going with a selection from the Dream Theater catalog.
Customer: [Stop live albums now] Yeah, they rule, man.
Clerk: [Six degrees of inner stupidity] There's no denying their talent, [Unless you're in denial] but don't you get a bit sick of their uncanny ability to use every note known to man [Save some for later] in every song they ever write? After a while, it all just melts together into one giant 80-minute song about [Scenes from a moron] soaring eagles and reincarnation.
Customer: Yeah, I guess. [Guess again] But all the notes are very good.
Clerk: [Except "A" minor] Absolutely. That's why I recommend that you [Buy more stuff] purchase a Jason Becker CD. (Pulls out Cacophony's "Go Off!" CD) Some of the best guitar work in the world of shred resides right here [Mad props to J.B.] on this album.
Customer: Hmm, well, this album is from 1989.
Clerk: [1988 Jackass!] So?
Customer: Well, when's he coming out with a new record?
Clerk: [Knowledge makes this funnier] Uh...uh...oh, yeah. Hold on, let me check. [Dial 555-PAIN] (Clerk throws phone into Customer's face) Now you get nothing. [Bitch ass m.f.]
[Cut to end card]
Customer: Now I know the true meaning of shred!


  • Jason Becker is a metal pioneer. See the Wikipedia article for more information.
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