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Begley the squirrel

Begley is one of Foamy's friends and a member of the Foamy Card Cult. He is a British squirrel with a purple Mohawk. He enjoys video games (Sex or Violence) and other forms of technology (Email Malady, Conspire to Rewire). His rare appearances have become a running gag (Foamy Fan Mail XII, Achievements). Of all the squirrels in the series, he seems to get along best with Germaine (Car Wash, Lewd Lingerie, etc.) although he did torture her with Pilz-E's voodoo doll once (Voodeedoo).

Backround informationEdit

Begley was in hiding for awhile back in merry ol' England after trying to assault The Queen with a hat stolen from the royal guard. He took refuge in the loft of a failing pizza deliver man, hiding in the walls and eating left-over crusts for over a year. When the pizza guy decided to move to America based solely on the images of a girl he saw on the internet, Begley was accidentally trapped in his suitcase and was whisked away to N.Y.C. where he met up with Foamy & Germaine. Of all of the squirrels, he seems to get along with Germaine the most. He is also to be shown as perverted, as when Germaine was talking of a feminine car wash, he sang, "A-D-D-R-E-S-S, I would like to see some breasts!"

Post rebootEdit

After the show was rebooted, Begley ventured to Connecticut (and much to his dismay, he ventured on foot). He left Anchovie's apartment after the floors got "too sticky". He has not been seen since.

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Fun FactsEdit

Inside ReferencesEdit

It has become a running gag that Begley has not appeared in many episodes. In Foamy Fan Mail XII, a writer calls him Bentley instead of Begley. After Foamy is done finishing his letter back to the writer, Begley comes in and says "Maybe if I was in more episodes, they would remember my name, did you ever think of that?" In which Foamy replies,"Get out of here Bentley." This angers Begley to where he screams,"Begley! It's Begley, not Bentley!" When off screen, he yells,"I'm not some butler you know! Fucking wanker."

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