Anchovi - Germaine's stalker.

Anchovie is a creepy British pizza employee who is stalking Germaine. He appears in numerous episodes and, much to his disappointment, creeps Germaine out. He likes to take pictures of her, especially while she is in the shower. He sends her "exotic chocolates" that are actually filled with bodily materials, such as semen. He even created his own porno web site called

Germaine has tolerated him several times in the past, though not willingly. Such as in 'Paperback Bust' when her breasts had grown so large that she was pinned to her bed, and he was perfectly content to let them keep growing.

Anchovie has a permanent job as a pizza delivery guy but can be seen in many different situations and jobs in the Foamy episodes.

  • He works as a ticket seller in the episode "Passion of the Zombies"
  • In "Paperback Bust", Anchovie consults Germaine with her breasts enlargement problem, which is soon cured by Foamy, but takes 2 weeks for it to work.
  • He works as a security guard in the episode "Lewd Lingerie" in which Germaine decides to screw around with him by asking him what he thinks of her bra and thong. He becomes so frustrated that his head explodes, leaving Begley amused and Germaine curious if it happens to everyone. (Note: he doesn't seem to recognize Germaine at all in said episode, so whether or not the guard is Anchovie is questionable).

Anchovie appears in several more episodes, even appearing as a fast food restaurant salesman.

Anchovie is the favorite character of Christian Weston Chandler, creator of the Sonichu webcomic (which says a lot about the creep)..

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