Amityville Toaster

"You bought a haunted toaster?"

Episode 60

Foamy show Germaine the Amityville toaster.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy


{Germaine alone. Foamy enters with a demonic toaster.}

Foamy: Hey! Look what I got from that Internet auction site.

Germaine: What is it?

Foamy: It's a toaster, from that haunted house in Amityville. {Close up, in wierd voice} Amityville!

Germaine: You bought a haunted toaster?

Foamy: Watch, this is cool. You put in regular old white bread and..{Puts white bread into the toaster}

{A time screens appears, reading 48 Seconds Later...} {Ticking noise}

Toaster: {Ding}

Germaine: Wheat toast? How did you end up with wheat toast?

Foamy: No one knows. What's even cooler, is when you put in wheat bread, you get pumpernickel. And when you put in pumpernickel, you get a blueberry muffin!

Germaine: Bullshit!

Foamy: Oh yeah, fine! It just so happens I have some pumpernickel bread,{holds up bread} right, here!

{A time screen appears, reading 56 Seconds Later...} {Ticking noise}

Toaster: {Ding}

Germaine: Woah!

Foamy: See?! Blueberry muffin!

Germaine: That's freaky. What happens if you put a bagel in there?

Foamy: Good question! {Holds up bagel}

{A time screen appears, reading 6,798 Seconds Later...} {Ticking noise}

Toaster: {Ding}

Germaine: Is, is that a porkchop?

Foamy: Ah man, what a gyp. I was hoping it would be one of those toasty cakes!

Germaine: Oo, try waffles!

Foamy: Eh, you know, the auction description said not to use waffles.

Germaine: Why?

Foamy: I don't know, something about getting back a toasted human hand or something? I'nyah, don't fuck around with it. {Leaves}

{A time screen appears, reading 987 Seconds Later...} {Ticking noise}

Toaster: {Ding}

Germaine: Woah, it's a toasted hand.

Foamy: What did I say about using waffles!?!?

{The Ending screen appears.}

Foamy: {Sings} The Amityville toaster, Make breakfast spooky. Spooky talk from toaster, Spooky eat me toast! Yum yum yum, human hand.

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