Almost Serious Suicide

"Ah, that's one of those guns with the bullets and everything."

Episode 8

Germaine's about to commit suicide, and Foamy isn't helping.

Cast (in order of appearance): Germaine, Foamy


{Germaine stands in the middle of a room holding a gun. She brings it against her head. Foamy appears.}

Foamy: Hey. What'cha doing? What is that? Ah, that’s one of those guns with the bullets and everything. Where you shoot the people and they go “boom”. Are you... are you gonna blow your own head off? Is this what this is? You're in one of those moods where everybody sucks, and since everyone sucks, you just want to kill everyone but you can’t because of the legal ramifications? You just have to kill yourself. Isn’t that a shame. Isn’t that a damn shame. It would be a shame though if that gun like went off accidental... {jostles the gun} Whoa, look out! Whoa. Whoa huh huh! {stops jostling} Ah… So go ahead. Pull the trigger! 'Cause you know you want to. {sings} You know you want to… pull the trigger! So your head can go boom… boom boom boom boom… with your head on the wall... boom boom boom boom... and your brains on the floor... boom boom boom boom… When your head goes boom! Go boom... boom boom boom boom. So just pull the trigger... no one would figure... that suicide was for you. So go boom! Boom boom boom {makes various drumming sounds} {speaks} Boom!

{Germaine lowers the gun.}

{The Ending screen appears.}

Foamy: Wuss!

{A gun shot is heard.}

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