[Germaine in the bathtub, naked.]

[Foamy enters the bathroom with a letter.]

Foamy: Hey, you got a letter from school!

Germaine: Open it up and read it to me.

Foamy: Yes, my queen!

Germaine: *sigh* Fucking sarcastic fucksucker.

Foamy: Dear Parent or Guardian, Germaine is being put on academic probation for- let's see... *mumbling* Gym? Apparently you're failing gym, dude. Gym!

Germaine: Whatever. Gym is nonsensical crap.

Foamy: Yeah, but, i-it's gym. It's like the easiest.

Germaine: Well, I really don't get along with anyone in my class and I think the gym teacher's a bit too interested in my locker room changing habits.

[cut to Germaine in a locker room with Anchovie behind her]

Germaine: Do you mind?

[cut back to bathroom]

Germaine: Besides, I don't really care for physical activity. Like I need to be active. *coughing*

Foamy: So, what do I do with this? It says it should be signed, then returned with the parent or guardian's signature.

Germaine: Whatever. I'll sign it later. My mother's signature is easy to forge.

Foamy: Your parents don't really take much of an interest in your life, do they?

Germaine: Oh, I don't know. I haven't spoken to them in like 6 years.

Foamy: Lookie! I still have to deal with my grandfather on a daily basis.

Foamy's Grandfather: You going shopping? Get me some bread! And I'm out of soda!

Foamy: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll get you your soda next time I go shopping.

Foamy's Grandfather: I need it now! I'm out of soda! *hits Foamy with cane*

Foamy: Ow! Okay, okay, I'll go now! Fucking shit, man! *leaves*

[Foamy's Grandfather approaches Germaine]

Foamy's Grandfather: So, you going shopping? Get me some bread!

Germaine: Uh, you're creeping me out, man.

Foamy's Grandfather: I need soda! Ah! *leaves*

[Rubber duck leaps into Germaine's mouth and erupts into blood]

Foamy's Grandfather: Ooh!