Germaine: I usually don't perform in places like Boobers, because I think it degrades women. And, I don't normally dress like this. But they wouldn't let me perform here unless I did. So, for the sake of literary enlightenment, this is called, 'Man Oppressor.' "Ignore the world for all its bores. The insignificant people and the restaurant's whores. We women speak volume when given the chance, unless we are demoralized by the society of man. An opportunity gets dismissed when one is a Missus, for we are all looked at as objects on which man continually pisses. My years has been spent appeasing most men, and being pushed aside from time and again. (Some waitress comes and pulls down Germaine's micro shorts and starts licking up her butthole) Let us be free, so we can all breathe, for..." I'm sorry. I'ts really hard to read poetry when the waitress is trying to stick their tongue up my ass in-between taking orders.

Anchovie: It works for me.

Germaine: Someone get this waitress off of me! You're all bastards! (Germaine then farts in the waitresses' mouth)

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