A Poetic Meal

"I hunger..."

Episode 17

Germaine orders fast food poetically.

Cast (in order of appearance): Anchovie, Germaine, Foamy


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{The view zooms out from a restaurant maked "Burger Goo". Inside, Germaine stands towards the counter, facing Anchovie, the attendant.}

Anchovie: Welcome to the Gooey Burger. May I take your order please? {seething} Right now!

{A record scratch is heard, and the background fades to black.}

Germaine: Allow me this instance. The emptiness within, ever so binding, ever so winding through the innards of my soul. Blackness does dance through a valley of mimes, all pantomime. Piffle, pablum. All those who have them, and have-nots. Bereft of humanity and a meal in your hand. Things you can’t stand, things in this land. Bland like potatoes and rice; fried potatoes. Meat in a breaded environment. Milk as thick as ice. I hunger...

{The background fades to normal.}

Anchovie: Do you want fries with that? Yes or no? Direct question; direct answer, please.

Germaine: Um, yeah. No one appreciates creative fast food ordering anymore.

{Foamy appears from the bottom of the screen.}

Foamy: This better come with some fucking toy, man! I didn’t get these nasty-ass fries for nothing!

{The Ending screen appears.}

Fun FactsEdit


  • Anchovie calls the restaurant the "Gooey Burger", but in fact the resaurant's name is "Burger Goo".
  • This episode also marks the first appearance of Anchovie, who would become Germaine's future stalker.


  • The menu reads, with *** for undecypherable words:

COW ASS...............$1.99
COW EYES.............$2.50
BLOOD MILK..........$0.99
SPECIAL ***............$5.00
EGGS & ***.............$5.50
TICK ***..................$2.99

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