(The Title Screen Appears) (The Warning Screen Appears)

(Germaine is watching TV) Germaine: So what do you want to watch?

Foamy: I don't watch TV anymore.

Germaine: What? Why?

Foamy: It's all crap. Reality shows, game shows, news networks with their brain-washing slants and the commericals. I can't stand the commercials. Commercials. Buy this. Buy that. You may have a deadly disease that needs medical treatment. Buy this drug. Ask your doctor. Ask your doctor. I can't sit through it anymore.

Germaine: What if there's a good show on and you miss it?

Foamy: If it's that good, I'll wait and buy the DVD box set or some shit. No commercials and you can fast-forward through all the stupidity.

Germaine: So what do you do then to entertain yourself?

Foamy: Anything else, write cult manifestos, go outside, toss my nuts at people, you know, the usual.

Germaine: Do you at least listen to music?

Foamy: Kind of depends. I sort of gave up on music when self-proclaimed punk rockers started rapping in on their songs.

Germaine: Oh yeah, there needs to be some quality control with the whole punk thing. It seems like anyone with a tattoo and more makeup than their mothers call themselves punk these days. Punk is a state of mind, not a fashion accessory.

Foamy: Finally, somebody gets it.

Germaine: Well, if we're done here, my show's about to come on.

Foamy: Yeah, wouldn't want to interrupt your stories with an intellectual conversation or anything. Ass.

(End Screen Appears)

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