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{The Warning screen appears.}

(Germaine seraches through the PAG store to find a pair of pants)

Germaine: Ughhh....(puts away the pants) How come I can't find a pair of pants without some logo on the ass of it!

Foamy: (holds up a pants that says SEXY on the back) How about this one?

Germaine: Yeah, just what I needed, a pair of pants with the phrase 'Sexy' on it! Guys stare my ass enough as it is! The last thing I want to do is to give these freaks more incentive to look!

Foamy: Why not? They don't make you look like a cheap slut who's crying out for attention! That's always good in these superficial societies, right?

Germaine: For some, maybe. Not me, dammit! I just want a pair of regular, nonbaggy pants! No sexy logo on the back and something not cut so low that people can see my ass cleavage.

Foamy: Ewwww. You people have an overwhelming fascination on the ugliest parts of the human body! Wait! (goes down, picks up another pants that has the word COCKMASTER on the back)

Germaine: Cock-master? I think I'll pass!

Foamy: Why? What's wrong with advertising that you are in control of a large farm bird.

Germaine: Uhhh...that's not what it means.

Foamy: Ohhh it's one of the words with the dual meanings. I get it! Kinda like murder!

Germaine: How does murder have another meaning?
Foamy: Hello! It's the name given to a flock of crows and to a crime where someone is killed! Murder!

Germaine: I didn't know that!
Foamy: You don't know a lot, do you? First it's the farm birds now, it's the crows. You just have no knowledge of the bird species. Dumbass! (then picks up another pair of shorts that reads Big Pussy on the back) What about this then? It shows your appreciation of giant cats and an affinity of the character on the Sopranos with the same name.

Germaine: Big pussy?

Foamy: Wait, don't tell me, dual meaning!

Germaine: Oh yeah.

Foamy: Whoah, woah, wait, what about this one (gets another pair of shorts that real SHOW ME DICK on the rear) This one displays you want to see some guy named Richard, Richard!

Germaine: Okay, we're leaving!

{The Ending screen appears.}

Foamy: Where are you Richard, we cannot find you now, I want to talk to Richard, Richard!

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